Mama it's time to relax your mind....

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No-one really addresses this but raising children is serious mental and physical work! 


Warning this is Real Life – IF this scares you from having kids, sorry in Advance.

You have to be,

  • Loving, 
  • Attentive, 
  • Sensitive, 
  • Structured,
  • Understanding and…
  • Creative


All the while,

  • Cooking, 
  • Cleaning,
  • Make sure everyone is clean 
  • Packing away the Groceries, 
  • Folding up Laundry and 
  • yelling DON’T DO THAT to your hard of hearing kid? Then you somehow have time to feel kind of guilty because you want them to have positive affirmations or know why you’ve told them not to do certain things, so you start criticizing yourself because according to the experts online – you are not a good mom.

Moms, do you see the list of things you are responsible for? Just go ahead and make your own list (write it down on a piece of paper, if that helps). Yeah, crazy right?

So, we need our minds to be sharp. Even if we have a new-born that is still confused about night and day – and a spouse who just doesn’t get why we are constantly tired!



That’s right mom you need it! You are important and you don’t need to be burnt out – for you or your family. I know you guys have seen the viral quote where it says, “Your kids don’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy mom”. Let that sink in.


For the rest of October make a conscious effort to try this out – we only have about 2 weeks left. So, for about 5-10 minutes each day try to center yourself mind and body. The first day it will seem stupid and honestly more difficult than you anticipated but  it will become easier.


A great technique which is used in Yoga is to close your eyes (don’t be tempted fall asleep just yet moms) and concentrate on the different parts of your body while taking deep breathes.

Example: Close your eyes and focus on your ears then slowly move to your eyes and so forth.

This is so that you can mindfully do the activities that are required in your life


You do not want to go through these formative years with your kids like some kind of Zombie or Robot just completing task after task. 

They won’t remember the tasks; they will remember the moments. 


So, mama you’ve got to be PRESENT – so you MUST take care of your mental health.

I know this sounds kind of wishy washy especially coming from me – but I truly believe that this is important. I am a mom of a newborn AND toddler PLUS I run this amazing blog PLUS I have a husband that I must attend to PLUS I have to maintain myself AND make sure we all have clean clothes and something to eat!

This is a lot. But it is not unusual, plus many moms have much more responsibility especially if they are single moms.

Therefore, we must find moments of still even though we have a huge list of things waiting for us to do.


You might say, “I could never find the time to do this” – but the truth is you’re like a wizard when it comes to finding time to do things that must be done.

Your mental health should also be a priority!


Whether you’re a mom who goes out to work or stays at home, we know you have a lot on your plate.

So, after you’re finished with reading through this awesome blog site – get the kids to bed if they aren’t already, turn off your tv. Laptop and silence your phone. 


Time to go somewhere and silence your mind – and center yourself!


You are doing a great job mom; you are doing the best you can. Tomorrow will be better than today. Let the smiles never go away….


Keep well and Bye Bye!

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