Hey Pregnant Woman, this one’s for you….

22 Oct

Hey Pregnant woman! I hope you are doing well, watching that baby bump grow – knowing that a literal life is inside of you being sewn.

I hope that you will be lucky enough to meet her and greet him eye to eye, so you get a chance to feel that bond that you will make sure never dies.

I know that you are full of anxiety, excitement and so many questions, and a bladder that seems to over-flowing no matter your continuous peeing sessions.

Once your baby is born your life will be changed forever - whether this be your first child or your fourth this is one of the most magical moments ever

Don’t be wary of the change, instead look forward to the change because sometimes change is needed to create greater things.

Congratulations by the way! I hope you’re smiling now – because that is my intention, I made a solid vow. I want you to feel empowered by the words that I have written because life has brought you here in this great irrefutable position.

You are POWERFUL mama, you are WORTHY mama, YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL MAMA - You are the MAMA of all things – you are part of the creation of history your legacy will live.

Your smile is divine, even your growing thighs are divine – don’t worry about those stretch marks, lets just call those warrior lines.

As you dream about your baby, know that she is dreaming too, he is listening to your heartbeat and wants you to take care of you. Taking care of him right now means taking of you, so while your responsibility is HUGE, don’t forget to look in the mirror ever so often and say I love you.

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