5 Tips for the Birth and Delivery that are good to know before the big Day!

22 Jan

1) Download an app to time your contractions. This way you can collect the vital information about how far apart your contractions are and how long they last.  A general rule is to go in when your contractions are about 5 minutes apart and last about 60 seconds. However, you also have to consider things like how far the hospital is from you and if you are high risk. Make sure and clarify this with your doctor.

2) If you want an epidural make sure and sign the paperwork before the delivery date. Also, if it is possible I would highly recommend that you meet with the anesthesiologist or whomever will be performing the epidural on you ahead of time. From my two pregnancies I realized there was a huge difference when I had a sort of personal relationship with the doctors and nurses. And signing papers under so much stress is not recommendable. 

3) Make sure and pack your Delivery/Birth bag a month ahead. Babies come early all the time, it's a good idea to be prepared and ready to go. If you know someone who has given birth where you would like to give birth, ask them about what sort of stuff you should pack. Some hospitals offer a lot for after birth care and some offer very little Understand you might stay for a short time or a longer time at the hospital for various reasons such as jaundice or high blood pressure, vaccines etc. Don't forget to buy some heavy duty pads!

4) Remember to push with your contractions. I actually did no birthing class or read anything about the birth because I didn't want to know anything. I wanted to just be open and go with the flow. But one piece of information that I think would be helpful to know ahead of time is that the contraction help you push the baby out. (This is for vaginal births)

5) Make sure that you have someone there to advocate for you when necessary ( they will become your mini assistant on the big day). This person should know you well, be willing to argue for you and most importantly make you feel comfortable.

BONUS: Do a little breastfeeding research because it might be challenging but understanding some things may work as an advantage.

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