12 Things noone tells you about being Pregnant!

26 Nov

Being Pregnant is a wonderful and really miraculous thing – I mean think about it...it starts with your partners sperm and eventually turns into your baby and US! Yeah, full grown adults!! Within those months of pregnancy, a lot happens to your body and today I would like to share with you – some of the many things that happen in pregnancy that no one really talks about. 

  1. You will suddenly notice every baby and pregnant woman you see around you. Of-course you saw them before but there is something about being pregnant that makes you zone into them and makes it feel like everyone is having a baby. When really it was the same as before but now, you’re more in tuned with this world.
  2. You may experience more vaginal discharge and yeast infections the reason for this is that your period normally serves as a way to clean out your vagina, but you won’t have that luxury for a while. Plus, all that pee that you now have on your underwear is not helping your situation. 
  3. You may notice that people are suddenly nicer to you. Being pregnant somehow can make you seem more approachable, non-threatening and needing of help & support. Girl take that seat that they are offering you!!
  4. Your shoes and jewelry may not fit you anymore. This could be due to the swelling of your feet and fingers. Plus, your feet could have grown a size!!
  5. As your baby gets bigger you can feel his or her every turn. That sounds nice and all until it’s a kick to your bladder.
  6. You may start to feel sharp pain in your ribs. As your uterus gets higher everything is now compressed. As a result, breathing can really be a struggle along with acid reflux and yup – rib pain.
  7. You may find yourself bumping into things a lot. This new belly takes some getting used to. Your spatial awareness might be off. Don’t worry a few mistaken bumps to your belly shouldn’t bring any harm to your baby.
  8. Your need to pee a lot continues through the night, you may find yourself getting up a lot at night just to pee.
  9. You may start to experience cramping in your lower abdomen. Your doctor may prescribe magnesium for you to use at this time. It is usually not something to be alarmed about. But, make sure and take the magnesium to relax those muscles.
  10. You may find yourself sweating more than usual. Hormones!
  11. You may feel your heart beating faster than usual. Your heart is now pumping for two, so this is also not something to generally be concerned about!
  12.  Getting up and out of bed is a chore. That weight you start to carry is no joke, you may find yourself doing the half a role off the bed!
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