Christmas, New Years and a whole lot More

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It’s the holiday season again my friends!

Christmas is near, New Years is near and if you’re like me – It's Capricorn season BABY!!

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, everyone having time off makes for a great period. Some of you will go see family you haven’t seen in a while and eat wonderful meals that you surely don’t get to eat most of the year.

Some of you will go on far away trips, going places only a plane could take you. And, some of you will use this time to utilize all the family you finally have around to get some well needed rest and go on a few romantic dates with your partner – no kiddy zone! Can anyone guess which option pertains to me?

This last week I was battling a fierce virus along with my son – we are now in recovery. We both had a fever and he was stuck to me like glue. He didn’t want to sit if I didn’t sit. He didn’t even want me  holding his sister either which usually he doesn't mind. He has his ways, but he is typically a very good big brother. But during this period of HIS need, I was his.

All the things I had to do, couldn’t do and make sure it all got done. Only a mom would understand that one.

And there I was with my own fever just trying to hold everything together at home, while enduring the constant headache. I guess that’s the life of a housewife! You hold down the homeforth 24/7 ill or not!

For those of you who have family nearby, who sometimes help you out with the kids – be grateful! Have a grateful heart!!! This is very important.

I feel like having kids makes you appreciate your family more. So, if you are so lucky enough to have the willing support of loved ones – when you sit down for your holiday meals be sure and thank them for all their support and kindness. And while you’re at is why not give them a hug if that feels good. Because even when mama is strong, she has weak moments that can appreciate a helping hand.

I'll say this much with having one kid I never felt it this much because my son was my everything. He was a buddy just for me and I did everything for him and he loved every minute with me. But let me tell you, once you add another kid to the tango, it gets a lot more complicated in every aspect especially if you don't have support. Plus, the original buddy get's jealous from time to time that we don't have as much fun as we used to and I do feel guilty about that.

You have no clue how good you have it ladies. I also want to add that I am fortunate enough to have a very supportive husband - so shout of to all the good husbands and fathers out there. God knows we need each other for this parenting/life thing!

On to other news - I’ve got some funny and insightful pieces coming for the new year. Can’t wait to share them with you!

This will be my last post of 2019. I am going on a little hiatus until January. I started this blog in October with a little dream and some guts and I want to thankyou all for being such awesome fateful readers.

 I am so thrilled at all the positive response I have gotten, sometimes putting out work that is so close to your heart can be a little scary but the feedback alone has made this not only therapeutic for me but for others as well and I love that! 


Readership is growing and it’s because of you not only reading it, but sharing my work. I also want to give a special thankyou to all my contributors who find time in their busy schedules to actively support the site. We have over 600 active users and more than 1000 visitors per month. WOW!! I am thankful!


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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