A day in Gyor, Hungary

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As a lot of you know I have a very international life. I am a citizen of two countries both of which I do not live – and could you believe that on top of that I have residence permits for two additional countries? I know, it sounds crazy every time I say it aloud. But international life has made me a much more flexible and open-minded person than most. I literally know that there isn’t one way to do things and that the word normal stems from an endless pit of opinions. Not only that, but I have traveled to every continent on earth except for Australia! The great thing is that the world is so vast that I still have a huge bucket list of places I would like to travel too.

The country I presently call home is Hungary. Fun fact – Hungarians call Hungary Magyarorszag and call themselves Magyarok. Interesting right? While one of my favorite cities in the whole of Europe is Budapest and is probably the Hungarian city you might have heard of – Gyor is a lovely city about 2 hours with a rich history and beautiful, authentic European Architecture and culture.

So, lets’ get started on how you can spend a day here in Gyor, Hungary.


Just like the rest of Europe – Gyor has some amazing cafes where you can enjoy eggs however you prefer with great coffee!

If you are like me, and do not really like coffee – A Hungarian Lemonade is a great option. Even though it is called a Lemonade they come in many different flavors. In fact, the most popular ‘Lemonade’ flavor here is actually Lavender. Yes! Lavender, and it really is so delicious. Lavender is very popular here in Hungary and can even be seen in the tiny bush that is supposed to be a mini garden in front of my house! The point is, it grows everywhere.

Most of you may not know this but Hungary is famous for its' syrups, and more specifically its' Lavender syrups. These Lavender syrups are used to make their delicious Lavender Lemonades. I have honestly been all over the world and can legitimately say that no one makes syrup as good as the Hungarians. So, whenever you come to Hungary it is Definitely a must try.

My two favorite Café’s in Gyor are Jam Juice and A Fuszeres, the staff is friendly, and the food is good! Fuszeres has more options and has a kids table – I love that. Jam Juice just has a more relaxed vibe and heathier options. But both are great choices.

Next – you can take a lovely stroll along the Danube River which is the longest River in Europe and basically goes through the whole of Europe. Gyor has done a good job at maintaining their section of the Danube with a really nice walkway where you can see the ducks swimming and even see people kayaking and canoeing. Plus, if you have kids you can take a break at Várfal játszótér which is a playground that is right along the River, a beautiful place to sit while your kids play.

Next – Not too far from the park, heading back up and in the direction of the city center you can buy some amazing fresh, local fruits for you and the family to enjoy.


If you don’t mind stinking of fish – there is a wonderful authentic Hungarian fish restaurant called Matróz Dunaparti KisvendéglőIf you love fish, you definitely have to try this place. Ask for the Fish Soup, it’s their specialty.  

If fish is not really your thing you should try Pizza Piccolino the price is good and the pizza is great. Plus, you have the option of eating there or taking your pizza to go.

After that, its’ definitely time to spend some time in Széchenyi térwhich is what I would call the heart of Gyor. Here you can simply buy an ice cream at Palffy Etterem which is conveniently located here and just sit on one of the random benches and take in the beautiful buildings and view of this main town square.

You can then take a walk and wander around all the beautiful little streets which all seem connected to the main town square. Be sure to check out the Gyor City Hall and enter any church possible to take in it’s beautiful architecture and overall Hungarian feel.

You can then walk along Baross Gábor út to buy some souvenirs as a reminder of this city you once visited.

If you need to refuel and use the toilet etc. You can head to Kávébajusz which is conveniently located next to the beautiful Monastery area of Gyor, there you will see beautiful cobblestone streets along very historical buildings and churches. It’s definitely a part of Gyor you must check out and grab a photo.

As the day starts winding down Dunakapu ter is a great place to just chill and if you have kids – let them run wild. If the square isn’t filled with some cool exhibit, fair or huge Ferris wheel, it is a cool spot where people hang out and children of all age show of their wheels. They ride their bikes, skates you name it there!


After you’ve freshened up and hopefully the kids are asleep you can slip away to Kisfaludy Gourmet Borbár & Étteremthe place is small but here you can enjoy really great assortments of Hungarian and other European wines plus delicious food. If you want something to eat that is simple but delicious you should try Peti's Doner which is located right in the middle of the city. 

For more wine and more fun you can head over to DiVino Wine Bar where they also have an excellent selection of wines to try in a really nice atmosphere. However if a beer is more you style you should definitely check out the John Bull Pub.


If you are looking to party you can head over Dunakapu ter bridge to the other side where there are lots of clubs but firstly take in the night time views from the bridge. Bahnhof Győr Lapos Tanszék is a popular spot for clubbing.

BONUS: If you spend the night and need to get a quick bite or buy something to take with you FFB Győr is a place to pick up well priced bread and something to drink. You can even try Hungary's famous Pogacha which is small bread with delicious stuffing such as cheese, ham and even coconut - you name it!

Okay guys and there you have it! A day in Gyor. Gyor is located between Budapest and Vienna and makes for a wonderful day trip or stop on your European travels.





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