6 things I've realized about myself as a Mother thanks to the Caronavirus

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1. Having multiple kids is not so bad. I can't imagine my son (a 3 year old) not having another kid to play with for as long as I think this thing will be. 

2. Daycare was a blessing even if it was for just 3 days a week. I often thought about taking my son out of daycare completely, but those few days and few hours allowed me to get a lot done! And I sincerely miss them..

3. I miss the industries I would usually not even think about like the dry cleaner or the repairmen being able to come into my house and fix stuff. Now I am looking at all the stuff that needs to be done and regretting that I didn't call them sooner.

4. I am much more social than I thought. I usually pride myself on being happy being alone but with kids it is such a beautiful thing to go out and get some fresh air with friends. 

5. My kid loves watching telivision way too much and I don't have the energy to stop it. I mean we do a lot of projects together but with having two small kids there is so much I am doing at the same time with no help. Try putting a baby to sleep while her older brother is paying "crashing cars" not exactly helpful.

6. I realize how much I genuinely love seeing my kids develop and not missing any moment of it is quite rewarding. We really have so many magical moments together where I just look at them and think "wow" then I get back to cleaning shit..literally.

Hope you all are keeping well!

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