Toddler Gift Guide

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Hey guys! 

I thought I would give you some simple ideas for what you can buy your toddlers for gifts for the upcoming Christmas seasons or for birthdays etc. I typically do not like plastic toys because firstly, they are not good for the environment and secondly, they tend to look old very quickly. However, the cars and dinosaurs on this list are plastic because even though I do not believe in having multiples of the same toy, especially plastic ones - my son loves his variety of these. My general rule for toy shopping is that it can be used for an extended time and it is gender neutral, so that for the next baby you will have or for someone else's baby as a second hand toy -  these toys do not go to waste! I also think that a good toy is multipurposed and can be used for wherever the child's creativity takes them! I hope you enjoy the list I have compiled and if you think I missed anything out - you can leave a comment in the comment section.


This toolbox is one of my son's favourite toys. He uses it for fixing ofcourse, but he also uses it for many different creative purposes like stacking and even pretends it's a camera. I think the colourful peices with their different sizes encourage this use.

You can't go wrong with cars especially if you have a little boy. There are not enough cars in my house and I have the sneaking feeling there will never be enough.

If you have toddlers then you know that they love to copy pretty much everything that you do. A kitchen is a great way for your kids to be creative and learn new skills while having a designated place to play. 

Along with your kitchen having some fruits to cut up and gain some skills are great for you toddler.

Books are always great for your child at any age. They have such creative minds and imagination that they love books and stories in general. I've included the link to one of my son's favourite bedtime books. 

A Balance Bike is a great introduction to riding for your kids. Plus, you can go really fast which is something my kid loves!

Even if you don't have the kitchen, the cooking set can come in handy. I think every toddler likes to pretend cook or at least fill things with water!

Playing with shapes is a lot of fun especially when you can drive it around and dump all the stuff out!

I personally believe in stimulating my kids artistic and creative minds. With a board like this you can use chalk or marker plus you can attach your paper drawings.

Can't go wrong with balls. I also think this is one of the few things other than cars where it's not a bad idea to purchase more than one at a time.

My son has one like this and he absolutely loves it whether it be for driving around or putting the blocks on which is a fun mental challenge for him.

What kid doesn't love to pretend to clean even if it they if are making a mess while 'cleaning'? I figure it'e better than just making an outright mess right?

As my son gets older I realize he has a growing interest in working with stackable things like Lego. These duplo sets are great because they often have different themes like construction or farms that include animals and vehicles.  This can actually work as a two in one gift.

Most toddler aged boys at some point get to the dinosaur stage, so if you child at this stage you need know that one dinosaur is not enough! Just like cars they need to atleast be able to bump into each other.

Water colours are a huge hit in my house! What my toddler and I love about water colours is that his hands don't get completely messy and if it falls on the floor or anywhere it's very easy to clean.

Some sort of potty training book is also a good idea if the child isn't trained yet. Sometimes we parents need all the help we can get when it comes to this topic. I like this book because my son sort of sees himself with this book. The curly hair and the body parts he can relate with. There is also one exactly like this for girls.

I especially love a colouring book for when we travel. It's something that they can sit still and focus on and is not a tablet!

Now might not be a bad time to start with letter and number recogntion. While your toddler's ability to focus for longer periods is growing you don't want to overwhelm them. Actually doing something fun and encouraging number and letter recognition n a natural way, I feel leads to better results.

I always joke that my son is already a musician. A set like this is great for creating your family band and having fun together.

A toddler bag is a great gift a toddler whoses starting with preschool even if its filled with a toy dinosaur and an extra t-shirt.

Toys like these a great for or sand and is something that gets a lot of use in the toddler stage especially at the beach.

Because my son loves tools and cars so much I think this will be the next gift I buy for him.

I got my son a trampoline for his second birthday and it was an instant hit. When your kids finally are able to jump with strength they tend to jump EVERYWHERE. SO, a trampoline may help your couches out!

On hot summer days a pool really comes in handy. It's a lot of fun for your kids and you might find yourself enjoying the splashes of water.

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