Tips for easier midnight Breastfeeding

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  • Use the toilet before dealing with the baby.  Do you really want to stop them from feeding because you are about to pee yourself? You will either pee yourself or now have an angry screaming baby, so it’s best to avoid that situation and just deal with your bladder in the beginning.
  • Do not speak or have or eye contact with your baby while feeding. I know it sounds harsh, but it is what it is. Seeing your smiling face or hearing your voice will most likely give your baby an energy boasts when really you want them to drink and go back to sleep. I would even add that you should not talk while putting them to bed for the night (complain in your head).
  • Feed baby on both breasts. A full baby tends to sleep longer.
  • Try to burp baby before putting the baby back to bed. Having to sleep with gas on your chest is not fun for anyone especially your baby. Having to puke a little might wake your baby and that is not what we want at this hour in the night.
  • If you are also changing the baby during a feed – do one breast first so that the baby is in a good mood to be changed and then do the other breast when the baby is changed to get them back in sleep mode.
  • Try to maintain the same lighting in your baby’s room. A somewhat dark room is always nice for sleeping but having some sort of night light is essential. (This could just be a hallway light that is a bit dim and a door that always stays wide open at night... my personal preference) If you are buying a night light – simple is better. TIP: You don’t need music, special patterned ligths or any other special thing they try to sell you unless it is also a white noise machine.
  • Invest in a white noise machine. It helps that the baby can focus on that noise and drown out other unnecessary noises. Plus, white noise machines seem to calm down little babies. TIP- adult white noise machines and baby white noise machines are the same with different graphics, so when searching say amazon – look for a ‘white noise machine’ not ‘baby white noise machine’ and buy the cheaper one!
  • If you change your baby’s diaper – if it is not poop, you don’t need to use baby wipes. How can one stay in sleep mode when they have just been wiped with a super cold wet thing on a spot that was super warm? Kudos to you who have wipes warmers but if you don’t – that’s my suggestion.
  • If your baby has peed a bit on their clothing say by the belly area. You can simply put a rag/cloth of some kind on the baby’s belly to cover the wet area of the clothing so that the baby does not feel or have any wetness and you can wait until morning to do the full change.
  • Have extra clothing on or beside your night table just incase you must do a clothing change. This way your baby isn’t spending much time being cold and you aren’t fishing around for clothing in the dark. If you have to change the baby’s clothes you want the process to go as quickly as possible. 
  •  If you find that you are having a lot of spill overs from the diaper to the baby's clothing, it is likely that the diapers you are using are too big or too small for your baby.
  •  If you can afford it, just buy overnight 12hr diapers. They are usually in the pull/pants style. This way you won't have to do a diaper change at all at night unless your baby has pooed.
  • When you put the baby back in the crib and rubbed his/her back goodnight (whatever you normally do as your good night signal)– LEAVE THE ROOM IMMEDIATELY. I find that when moms stay around, if their child doesn’t settle in to sleep right away, they tend to pick them up – which a lot of times isn’t necessary and can actually wake the child up a bit more plus putting themselves to sleep becomes a lot harder. You need to understand fussing is not crying and even you sometimes take a while to fall back asleep. So, go and get yourself a glass of water if the baby sleeps in your room if need be. This will hopefully make your life a little bit easier when sleep training comes along.
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