Tips and Tricks for Dealing with a poopy explosion!

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One of the greatest skills you will acquire when finally becoming a new mom is changing a diaper. While it is now a part of your everyday life these poop explosions will NEVER be fun. But it’s okay because you love your child and you would rather suffer than see them suffer right? Even if you have to fight them change said diapers…RIGHT??

Let’s get into it –

  1. Make sure that your baby is laying on the plastic (the part that is easy to clean) of your changing pad/table. If it is cold, you can lay them covering their backs halfway if it doesn’t have poop there.
  2. Take off your child top/onesie from the neck down. DO NOT TAKE OFF THEIR POOPY CLOTHES OVER THEIR HEADS!!
  3. Once you have taken of the top, you can use the unsoiled parts to wipe wherever the overflow, typically their belly or back depending on how they were laying when it happened.
  4. Note: Put their soiled clothes to soak with your stain remover as soon as possible. I personally hate stained clothes - even on babies.
  5. Note: Whatever stain remover detergent you are personally using has to be good enough for your baby. It makes no sense that your baby is using a sensitive skin detergent and you are using a regular one. Think about it, does your baby not lay on you, rubbing their face and hands against your clothing? If so, why are you purchasing a different detergent for them with the guise of protecting their skin?
  6. After taking off their clothes you should now use a generous amount wipes or water with a little soup to clean off their belly and back.  (You can put clothes in a plastic bag until you are ready to deal with it)
  7. Lay a clean diaper under their dirty diaper, right under their bottom.
  8. Open your diaper and get to cleaning! Make sure you are doing a thorough cleaning. Make sure that you are getting into the folds of their skin and private parts. 
  9. Clean front to back and sides to back then swoop around the butt area. Make sure to clean higher up into their backs than you normally would. After that you can clean them off with some water + cloth if you would like.
  10. Wash or Sanitize your hand and then moisturize your child’s body. I know some of you don’t moisturize but it is very important for your delicate baby’s skin especially during the winter months. You can use something as simple as coconut oil.
  12. I like to use organic, allergen free products to handle our family's clothing like  offered by the Laundress New York - and they actually ship all over the world!! Click the image to check out their products..
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