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Yes, that’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you… My handsome little boy, with deep dimples and curly hair - hates to poop!

It’s funny to say but it’s actually a huge problem. When I tell most people this, they tend to say they have never heard of this before. But facts are facts, I cannot be the only mom with this issue, right?

Comment below if your kid also has this problem – let’s talk honestly…


It all started with a real case of constipation when he was just over a year old and it still hasn’t gotten better. He is so scared that it will hurt his butt that he screams and tightens all his muscles, turning himself into basically a hard cardboard as he screams at the top his lungs. It’s brutal to watch.

Doctors say it’s a sign that he is intelligent. But that intelligence is costing him. There are things that he would normally enjoy but cannot enjoy because he is in so much distress.

When he isn’t going through these attack periods, he is actually the most fun loving, easy kid. But when he is so stressed from keeping up the poop or it is forcing its way out and he cannot control it, he becomes this aggressive short-tempered kid. And people on the outside do not understand this.

By the way, why is it that people from the outside think they can solve a mothers ongoing problem they have with their kid instantly? You really think that mother wants to be embarrassed by her child for whatever reason?


Comments like…

Your child hits others – oh I would have him straightened out right away. HOW SWAY? By hitting him and teaching him to hit??

Your kid throws temper tantrums – I would…if it were my child…When it’s like damn, you have exactly NO child!

Your kid talks back – oh I would wash their mouth with soap...Really? Would You now??? Most likely not, so STOP WITH THE UNSOLICITATED ADVICE unless you genuinely want to be helpful.

Your kid is taking longer than usual to walk, talk, or potty train etc. – well if it were my child…STOP…Keep that comment to yourself, because it isn’t your child!


Also parents, understand that all children are different, just like all people are different – your child will be better than others at certain things (don’t act like an ass about it) and your child will be worse than other at certain things (don’t stress yourself too much about it). Just always put in your best efforts when dealing with you child, you know when you’re not doing your best so just be honest with yourself and learn from it.


Most doctors advise that the child takes a mini laxative everyday for 3 weeks and usually they should forget that it is painful and maybe this has worked for your kid. But for mine, as soon he has hard poop again (which natural happens from time to time), the memories of pain seem to come rushing back. I feel like he doesn’t even know how to poop like a normal person. Sometimes while he is pooping, he says, “bend your knees”, like he is coaching himself to do it, but he is so scared that even that action is super hard for him. Anyways he surely is a work in progress, and I hope this is all but a memory that we laugh about.

For moms who have this issue with your child, know that you are not alone! I say this as my son is screaming with veins popping out of his neck because his dad is forcing him to poop ☹

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