Diaper Bag Essentials

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1 water bottle for myself - For some reason moms always forget to drink water!!!

1 breastfeeding scarf - I personally don't like breastfeeding in public, but with the scarf I feel quite comfortable; In addition, it is practical as the little one gets older and becomes more curious

3 bibs - My little one loves to have spit ups, so I must put a cloth under my chest to spare my clothes and of-course it is always good to have a few on reserve

1 change of T-shirt for me - Because my little one loves to puke or is a “Spucker” as we say in German

Alternative Clothing for Baby (onesie, trousers and long-sleeved shirt) - for accidents that are bound to happen like poopy blowouts (if you don’t know what that is, just google it) ...FUN TO CLEAN!

1 baby hat - I'm always looking for a cap, and especially when the weather is nice, I usually don't put one on, but then you go for a walk or sit in a restaurant outside - it's handy when there's always a cap.

1 toy - I have a crackling cloth in the shape of an elephant , it doesn't take up much space and when the child is over and crying, he is my saviour in need, Michael get’s this elephant only when we are on the move, so it’s always a new thing for him.

1 pacifier - my baby does not have a pacifier, but from the other mamas, I know that they are always looking for one. If my little one had one, I would have a reserve pacifier in my pocket

5 diapers - At first glance, maybe a small amount is okay, especially if you can set the time, as with my baby, when to change the diaper. However, on a seven-hour train ride, my baby had diarrhea and I was left to ration just 5 diapers!! So, on long trips it might be a good idea to pack more than usual.

1 pack of wet wipes - Normally I only clean with water and cotton pads, but they are simply handy, whether it be for the baby’s bottom or the hands...

1 diaper rash cream - I once got lumps in a thumb-sized container in the pharmacy, I fill it up from time to time, that's enough forever.

4 breastfeeding pads - preferably individually packaged, that this remains nicely hygienic. I always have so much with me because I’m always overflowing with milk and had to change more often during the day;

1 changing pad – honestly, I have two with me, a disposable one (I've never used it before) and a reusable one. In it I always have a cloth and a washcloth; The cloth to make it more pleasant and a washcloth to avoid a fountain of pee for my boy

1 diaper garbage bag or simply normal plastic small bags - With the diaper garbage bag, the diaper can be stored safely and odourless until I get access to the next garbage can.

1 thermos with boiled water - for shortly washing off things such as pacifier, toys, or even for drinking and formula feeding.

This is important for people who live abroad as expats like myself..

Passports and the baby’s medical/Examination book - I always have it in my purse because you never know what will happen when you live abroad.

In summary:

1x drinking bottle for mom

1x Breastfeeding scarf

3x bibs

1 x Change Shirt for Mom

1x Change of Clothes for bay

1x Baby hat

1x Toys

1x Pacifier

5x Diapers

1x Pack of wet wipes

1x Diaper Rash Cream

4x Breastfeeding breast pads

1x Reusable changing pad

2x Diaper garbage bag

1x Thermos

1x Passport

Optional: Baby’s medical book


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