5 Tips I learned from my Caribbean mother for Motherhood

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If you have a Caribbean mother in your life and you’ve now become a mom, you may start hearing the most interesting and outlandish things about becoming a new parent and taking care of your little one. Here you are believing your mom to be a modern mom who doesn’t believe in all the folk tales and then she starts telling you about what the “people used to say “. These are things not written down in books but are things just passed down from mother to new mother. While some things I have definitely not incorporated such as wetting a thread and putting it on the forehead to stop hiccups (comment if you’ve heard that one before) - there are many things that I have actually found very helpful and I am going to share them here with you today.

  1. Use coconut oil for everything. Yes, skin, hair, EVERYTHING. My mom even suggested that I put a little coconut oil in the bathwater for my babies and if your child hits their head you put a little in the middle of their head (the latter confuses me..lol). But honestly, if your baby has “cradle cap” the best thing to use is in fact coconut oil.
  2. If you are sitting and feeding your baby on your bed, you must lay your legs on the bed.  Because us moms are sleep deprived a lot, you don’t want to run the risk of dropping your baby, especially if you are breastfeeding.
  3. Don’t say negative things about your kids like ‘he/she is bad’…like my mom says ‘there is power in the tongue’. It just means when you repeat negative things you can give them life – and I totally agree with this point. Plus, you don’t want your child believing negative things about themselves from the person that they love the most. Hence why I say, right now my son is challenging.
  4. After birth you must band/wrap your belly. I wish I listened to her on this one sooner. This helps with getting rid of the pregnancy pooch.
  5. If your child (not baby) has an ear infection you can wrap a piece of garlic in tissue and put them on the border of your ear hole kind of like ear buds. This has saved me a lot when growing up – if you are someone who doesn’t like taking antibiotics right away this is honestly a great solution if the infection is not too bad.
  6.  If your child falls down or hurts themselves do not react. This is something that I have seen first hand so many times. A lot of times a child will hurt themselves a little and not even cry at all but then the parent comes with a panic scaring the child into the pain that they think they feel and the child starts crying.  
  7.  If your baby is crying a lot blow at their forehead or in between their eyebrows. Sounds silly but this one actually works sometimes.
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