10 Tips for Dealing with Constipation in children

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  1. Do not serve cooked carrots or cooked apples. Raw carrots and apples are much better for the constipated tummy.
  2. Old spotty bananas help with pooping. New all yellow bananas while they may look nice will help your child be even more constipated.
  3. While constipated keep your child away from blueberries. While it looks like something that should help – it does not!
  4. Encourage them to be active. My son has a trampoline and getting him on that really helps with the bowel movements. But running, riding a bicycle etc. can all help.
  5. For your babies you can do the bicycle motions legs to help them out.
  6. Cocoa can cause constipation. So, you might want to take it easy with the chocolate at this time.
  7. Milk can also cause sensitivity which can lead to constipation.
  8. If you don’t have a laxative nearby or don't have access to prune juice, sugar water is great! Just boil water and then add about two tablespoons of preferably brown sugar and have your little one drink that. It doesn’t taste bad.
  9. If you can somehow get your child to eat green vegetables, that can help out a lot. I usually do it in smoothies. The son only likes broccoli soup and that’s as far as he goes with green vegetables sad to say.
  10. Soft fruits like mangoes, passionfruit, pears and kiwis can help you out
  11. BONUS! A spoon of flaxseed, dried fruit and prune juice all help things flow.
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