10 Tips for Surviving the Flu Season

06 Nov

It’s flu Season Baby!!

If you have a child who is in daycare or kindergarten and your household hasn’t been infected with the cold yet – PLEASE GO AHEAD AND GIVE YOURSELF A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE. The rest of us are sitting here jealous as we pour another spoon of cough syrup. And guys if this is your first kid and it's their first time in daycare, I would just like to let you know that this wonderful season has JUST BEGUN! 

With that being said, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some survival tips for this season so you're not child is not constantly at home sick while you continue to pay school fees.

Here we go,

  • Make sure everyone in your household washes their hands when they get in the house.
  • Change your clothes once you get in the house – this rule is especially important for kids coming home from school or daycare.
  • Make it a habit to tell everyone not to kiss your babies on the cheeks all year round so that when this beautiful time rolls around there are no surprises.
  • Toddlers are naturally very loving and if they have a baby sibling they will also want to share that love in form of plenty kisses and hugs. This is a beautiful that causes many young babies to be constantly sick! But because we love the sharing of love between siblings so much it is important to show your toddlers to kiss the babies’ forehead and belly to show love all year round. Try not to give your toddler mixed messages regarding any topic.
  • Understand that parents can also be bringing home sicknesses too so do not exempt yourself from following these rules because you are a parent.
  • Don’t be afraid of going out in the cold! Go outside more as a family. The cold is not what gets you sick around this time, it’s the staying indoors together sharing bacteria with one another.
  • Your Heater can be giving you cold like symptoms such as dry throat and runny noses etc. so only put on your heater when it is necessary.
  • Do not sneeze into the palm of your hands! If you do, wiping your hands does not clean it – it just makes it look clean.
  • Sneeze into your arm crease. This helps if you are in a situation where you need your hands and just do not want to share your germs,
  • Understand that your toddler will not have enough coordination skills to cover their mouth when they sneeze – poor things. You should still teach them to cover their mouths when they sneeze although they won’t do it. So, the best thing you can do is to teach them to sneeze away from people.
  • Make sure the whole family is taking vitamins to help build up their immune system.


ALRIGHT GUYS….So there you have it – Don’t forget your Lemons and Honey!



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